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MFL Al and Alma Cerilli Scholarship

This scholarship is named after Al and Alma Cerilli, who spent their lives together making Winnipeg a better place for working families.

Strong, caring and committed activists, Al and Alma worked tirelessly to advance the goals of the labour movement and the New Democratic Party, to which they were deeply committed, empowering and supporting many fellow activists along the way.

Al devoted his life to improving the lives of working people in Manitoba through his activism and commitment to human rights and social justice. A former Regional Vice President of the Canadian Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen and General Workers, his efforts to improve working conditions began in 1950, when as an employee of the Canadian National Railway, he worked to achieve a five-day, 40-hour work week and to ensure that placement, wages and bargaining rights were free of discrimination.

After retirement, he went on to serve as the President of the Manitoba Federation of Union Retirees. In 1994 he became the first labour scholar-in-residence in the labour studies program at the University of Manitoba and was integral to the development of the high school SAFE Workers of Tomorrow program, which teaches young and other vulnerable workers about the importance of workplace health and safety.

Alma Cerilli was an political and social justice activist supportive of the CCF and NDP. She was a well-respected fundraiser and ran as a candidate in her North Kildonan ward. She was active in the community, a lifelong member of the E.K. Transcona Resident Advisory Group, and created an always welcoming home that was a hub for family, friends, community projects and the NDP. Alma was a supporter of working families and believed in encouraging young people to get active in their communities and speak out.

Alma passed away in December 2018. Al continues to live in East Kildonan Winnipeg.

The Manitoba Federation of Labour is proud to offer an annual $1,000.00 scholarship in their honour to assist union activists to advance their post-secondary education.

The application deadline for this year's award is May 31, 2022. To download the application form click here




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