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Employment Standards

The labour movement has always fought passionately to improve the lives and working conditions of all working people, both unionized and non-unionized.

Many of the most basic rights and standards that have been won to protect all workers, whether or not they benefit from a union Collective Agreement (like the minimum wage, holiday time, maternity leave and over-time pay), are set-out in the Employment Standards Code.  

Manitoba’s Employment Standards Code:

  • Establishes the minimum wage
  • Gives you the right to be paid extra for working over-time or working on public holidays
  • Sets out entitlements for vacation time
  • Gives you the right to be paid for a minimum number of hours if you’re sent home early from a shift
  • Gives you the right to take time off from work to deal with certain family situations, like caring for a sick loved one
  • NEW: Gives you the right to take time off from work with pay in order to take steps to deal with  domestic violence situations – for more information, click here
  • Provides you with basic rights if you are laid off or fired.

You can find out more details by consulting the provincial government’s Quick Guide to the Employment Standards Code.

There are also a number of helpful provincial fact sheets on specific issues in the Employment Standards Code, such as overtime rights, family leave, bereavement leave, maternity leave, and more.

You can also see which employers have been fined for not complying with the Employment Standards Code.

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