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Health and Safety

All workers have the right to a safe and healthy workplace – it’s the law.

Unfortunately, thousands of Manitobans each year continue to be injured on the job or develop illnesses from dangerous conditions at work. Some never make it home at all.

Workplace tragedies don’t have to happen. We can take action to ensure that workers make it home safely every day. With the right investments in prevention, backed-up by strong laws and strict enforcement, we can ensure that all workers stay safe on the job. 

Employer health & safety responsibilities:

Under the Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Act, employers have primary responsibility for ensuring a safe and healthy workplace, and can face penalties and fines for putting the health and safety of workers at risk. The law focuses first and foremost on the employer’s responsibility to eliminate workplace hazards. Under the law:

  • First, employers must make every reasonable effort to eliminate workplace hazards;
  • Second, if any risk remains the employer must then take reasonable steps to control remaining risks;
  • Third, if any uncontrolled risk remains, the employer has a responsibility to implement safe work procedures to reduce the remaining risk; and
  • Finally, only after all of the above measures have been taken to eliminate, control and reduce risk, the employer must ensure workers exposed to any remaining risk use personal protective equipment.

For more information about health and safety laws in Manitoba, download a copy of the  Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Act and Regulations.

Worker health & safety rights:

The Manitoba Federation of Labour fought long and hard to enshrine workers’ fundamental health and safety rights in law – they include: 

MFL Health & Safety Conference

Every year, the Manitoba Federation of Labour hosts a Health & Safety Conference to share recent health and safety findings and best practices, and to train workers and union activists in health and safety work and advocacy. Please visit our Events page for more information. 


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