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Labour Relations

The Labour Relations Act (LRA) is the law that lays out how you can exercise your right to join a union, and sets out the rules for union-management relations. The LRA provides rules for issues such as:

  • the process for certifying a union as the official bargaining agent for workers in a workplace,
  • what types of issues can be included in a collective agreement,
  • what employer actions are considered “unfair labour practices,”
  • processes to resolve deadlocked labour negotiations,
  • rules for strikes and lockouts, and
  • applications to the Labour Board to settle disputes about LRA.

To find out more about the LRA you can consult the Manitoba Government’s Guide to the Labour Relations Act of download the full Labour Relations Act. 


The Manitoba Federation of Labour continues to lobby for improvements to the Labour Relations Act, including:

  • Ensuring the democratic right to form a union by re-establishing card-based union certification, at a simple 50%+1 threshold
  • Reducing the length and diviseness of strikes and lockouts by banning the use of replacement workers


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